DIAL℠ Insights

Empowering your employees to be healthy, wealthy, and wise

DIAL Insights is a multi-media program, and platform, designed to:

  • Help employees save money on health now,
  • Help employees be better prepared for future health needs, and
  • Make it possible for employers to stabilize their benefits contributions.


Interactive Guide

This decision-making and education guide helps employees and spouses: (i) identify the lowest cost health plan for their needs, (ii) be aware of specifically how to save money as they use health care through the year, and (iii) build personal assets to be better prepared for future needs and to more fully appreciate the benefits from their employer.


Crystal clear video make employees, and their spouses, more comfortable with HSA plans and more aware of saving money on health services.

DIAL InsightsOnline Platform

This platform centralizes key information, services, and tools to help employees save money as they use health care. The platform is flexible to include employer-specific content, carrier-specific information, various no-charge services and tools, and enhanced services and tools, if requested. Making employees aware of how to save money on health care, including available third party services and tools, makes it possible for an employer to stabilize its benefits contributions.

On-Site Meetings

For many employer groups, on-site meetings are very important. These meetings, whether to groups of employees, or one-on-one, include a clear walk-through of key points and available resources.

Employee Outreach

To achieve long-term sustainable benefits, for both the employer and its employees, it is necessary to be proactive rather than passive. This program includes themed campaigns and calls-to-action, including on-site “signage” (e.g., window clings, table-tops, posters) and flexible e-mail functionality/outreach.