Professional Benefits Management & Enrollment Tools

Benefits professionals face the challenges of rapidly changing benefits.  Your benefits management system must allow you to react quickly to carrier changes, new regulations (including health care reform), employee life events, and also support long-range planning and corporate strategic goals.  Benefficiency provides the tools to meet those challenges.


Monitor Enrollment

Benefficiency includes enrollment Workbench Tools, so you can track enrollment progress and communicate benefits information quickly and easily.

Manage basic to complex plans

Benefficiency accommodates benefits plans of all sizes; supports multiple-locations, multiple-participant types, multiple-groups, and varying supplemental benefits.

Control costs

Benefficiency reduces administrative burden; uncovers premium leakage and billing errors; lowers travel, printing, and mailing costs.

Supply real-time data

Benefficiency retrieves real-time information on enrollment status and plan selection; use data to make projections regarding benefits usage.

Automate tasks

Benefficiency helps you to be proactive instead of reactive when managing enrollment, life events, compliance issues, and benefits requiring evidence of insurability.

Support strategic planning

Benefficiency allows you to access current and historical data; use customized reporting for trend recognition.

Maintain carrier independence

Benefficiency provides company control of participant data and integrates with most EDI systems; ensures objective carrier evaluation and selection.

Keep data secure

Benefficiency uses high-level standards for all aspects of security with the most advanced encryption and authentication protocols available for user access and data transmission.

Benefits Administration

Benefits management is more than once-a-year open enrollment. The day-to-day tasks can be some of the most challenging and time-consuming. Without the tools to help you control both cost and process, tactical chores can impede your benefits strategy. With Benefficiency, routine administrative functions require less time and attention.

Annual Renewal

Every benefits professional has experienced the intense time and attention required to manage mass enrollment. The massive mailings, travel to multiple locations, handwritten paperwork, and manual input of data are inefficient, but they were once the only option. Using Benefficiency streamlines the open enrollment process, reduces errors, and cuts costs.

Insurance Carrier and Payroll System Integration

Benefits professionals need to make objective decisions about suppliers and should not be constrained by a carrier’s EDI (electronic data interchange) system. As an independent, carrier-neutral application, Benefficiency is able to exchange data with most insurance and payroll systems.

Employee Communication

Benefficiency connects employees directly to their benefits, so HR professionals no longer act as gatekeepers. Empowering employees with self-service options reduces frustration and increases satisfaction for everyone involved.

Benefits Strategy and Analysis

Manage the daily transactional details with ease while using the data gathered to make informed decisions about the future.  Benefficiency provides tools that allow HR professionals to align their benefits strategies with corporate goals.